I am, Dr Rom, administrator of the groups: @Art, Film Appreciation and Friends Global Forum, Rom est/Forum Mates; from Kadayanallur in Nellai district of Tamil Nadu and in Bangalore, India since 1961; a participant / volunteer in all Landmark Education programs since 1986; was the longest in Reserve Bank of India, was an industrialist, ran a software company; the last of my professions was as a free-lance translator/Interpreter to multi-national IT companies.

My Twitter profile is: VU2RUM, @DocRom: Artiste, writer, Polyglot, Polymath. Motto: Care, share, empower, inspire, transform!

I have been also a teacher through out my life: high School Drawing Master, French teacher at the Alliance Française, Japanese Sensei, apart from coaching in English and so on.

"https://ta.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=பயனர்:DrRom&oldid=2044838" இருந்து மீள்விக்கப்பட்டது