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Please leave any messages for me, or feel free to email me. Russavia (பேச்சு) 08:51, 18 சூன் 2012 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Hi, Russavia, welcome to Tamil Wikipedia. You have requested for creating/ editing article on Polandball which was deleted from English Wikipedia. As we are a growing minor language wiki, with very few active users, our energies are focused on more important topics that are listed as that shall be available in all wikipedias. Thanks for the understanding.--மணியன் (பேச்சு) 14:46, 18 சூன் 2012 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Hi Russavia, Polandball had been deleted from English Wikipedia as it is a transient phenomenon and not worthy of Wikipedia content. However as per your request, I had completed the translation in your user space. You may publish the same if you so desire..--மணியன் (பேச்சு) 05:30, 24 செப்டெம்பர் 2012 (UTC)

Hi mate, thanks for your help there. The deletion on English Wikipedia was more wikipolitical than anything else. The article was kept at AfD on Russian Wikipedia not long afterwards. So it's basically up to each project whether they keep it or delete it. I will keep uploading relevant photos to Commons which I hope other editors will be able to use here. I'm trying to get permission from a couple of photographers from Chennai as well. Cheers, Russavia (பேச்சு) 03:05, 25 செப்டெம்பர் 2012 (UTC)
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