Notes தொகு

  • Rightside are the correct title without ZWNJ. If you see a redlink on rightside, move the page from current title to one without ZWNJ. ZWNJ titles (even if they are redirects) can be deleted.
  • Avoid க்ஷ் and க்<ZWNJ>ஷ். Though க்ஷ் is probably correct thing. But then again there are no grantha experts here. We can have debates on க்ஷ் along with grantha debates. :)
  • If there are 2 articles that exist already, please try to do a history merge.
  • If a right side link is redirecting to left side page(with ZWNJ), delete right side page and move the ZWNJ page to normal title and delete the redirect.
  • ZWNJ is very much used in other Indic langauges. So we should not touch malayalam / sinhaleese words. Lets stick to Tamil :)
  • String with ZWNJ, String without ZWNJ.

விக்கிப்பீடியா தொகு

விக்சனரி தொகு

விக்கிசெய்தி தொகு

விக்கிமூலம் தொகு

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