பயனர் பேச்சு:Ganeshk/தொகுப்பு1

Hi Ganesh. Welcome aboard. It's OK to discuss in English in Talk pages since you haven't learnt Tamil at school. And all the current users know English. Let me work with the other users to get the templates translated. -- Sundar \பேச்சு 07:06, 18 ஜூலை 2006 (UTC)

Ganesh, amazing work with the infobox. Regarding consensus you're right. Some wikipedians have reservations about the ratio of user-gerated pages to bot-generated pages and the impression it could generate in a random surfer. Their suggestion is to rate-limit the bot. For now, they're willing to try out towns and cities of Tamil Nadu. I hope that we'll be able to arrive at a consensus agreement in favour of using the bot on all towns soon. -- Sundar \பேச்சு 08:14, 18 ஜூலை 2006 (UTC)

Translations of state names தொகு

See இந்தியாவின் மாநிலங்களும் பிரதேசங்களும். -- Sundar \பேச்சு 09:08, 18 ஜூலை 2006 (UTC)

Welcome Ganeshk தொகு

Welcome Ganeshk

Your efforts and expertise are well appreciated. I think similar techniques can be adopted for adding standard information on other subject areas that are data base oriented as well.

As you would have noted taWpedia only has around 3300 articles, and it would overwhelm its article space if all the Indian towns (around 50 000???) are added. Thus, I suggested limiting to TN, which would be more useful to taWpedia users. Perhaps, we can extend that to other areas in India where Tamils live as well.

You approach issues with good sprit and open mindedness. TaWpedia will benefit from you contribution. Thanks and Good luck. --Natkeeran 13:21, 18 ஜூலை 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for the automation தொகு

Ganesh, Thank you so much for creating an automation for providing the basic details of all the the Indian towns. It is a great saving in time and a valuable set of data. Time can be spared for more creative writing rather than adding standard (but useful) mechanical details. Looking forward to see how it works in Tamil Wikipedia (so far it looks really excellent). Regards, Selva (C.R.Selvakumar from தமிழ் விக்கிபீடியா).

Ganesh, I checked a few pages recently created by your bot. It looks great! Thank you so much! REgards Selva --செல்வா 13:01, 30 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

For Deletion of others work list it in the following page, for own just note in the talk page and in the summary தொகு

−முன்நிற்கும் கருத்து Natkeeran (பேச்சுபங்களிப்புகள்) என்ற பயனர் ஒப்பமிடாமல் பதிந்தது.

வாக்குச் சேகரிப்பு :) தொகு


  • தமிழ் விக்கி மூலம் தளத்தை தொடங்குவதற்கான வாக்கெடுப்பு இங்கு நடக்கிறது. அதிகாரி பொறுப்புக்கும் என்னை சுய நியமனம் செய்து உள்ளேன். இன்னும் போதுமான வாக்குகள் கிடைக்கவில்லை. தங்கள் பொன்னான வாக்கை தவறாமல் செலுத்துமாறு அன்புடன் கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன் :)
  • ஏப்ரல் 2006லேயே தமிழ் விக்கி செய்திகள் தளத்தை தொடங்குவது குறித்த வேண்டுதலை உமாபதி இங்கு விடுத்துள்ளார். எனினும் உரிய கவனம் பெறாததால் இன்னும் போதுமான ஆதரவு வாக்குகள் பெறாமல் இருக்கிறது. அங்கும் சென்று வாக்களிக்குமாறு வேண்டுகிறேன்.

மேற்கண்ட தளங்களில் பயனர் பக்கங்களை உருவாக்கும் போது மறக்காமல் உங்கள் விக்கிபீடியா பயனர் பக்கங்களுக்கான இணைப்புகளை தாருங்கள்.

Ganesh, please follow the external links in this message to vote for new wikimedia project proposals in tamil language. Thanks --ரவி 10:06, 2 ஆகஸ்ட் 2006 (UTC)

Welcome Back தொகு

Hi Ganesh, Welcome back. :-) --Sivakumar \பேச்சு 05:52, 12 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

doubts தொகு

ganesh, recently we have moved two pages created by ganeshbot. can we delete the page titles that existed before moving? will this cause the bot to create the article on the same topic again? or will it be fixed if we change the name also in the town list u use for running the bot? Then, please indicate where we should make the change?

And, I guess u r a member of telugu wikipedia..do u have any idea how telugu wikipedia is creating so many articles in recent times? do u have hyper active memebers or generate bot articles? but generally i see the articles are of less content!!!--ரவி 08:03, 23 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

ganesh, thanks for the response. as per tamil wikipedia policy, We would rather delete those redirects as they are not alternate spellings but wrong spellings..There is no chance that someone search by that name..just a translaiteration mistake..--ரவி 17:39, 23 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Adminship தொகு

Hi Ganesh. While I trust you for a good admin based on my experiences with you in English Wikipedia, I'd suggest that you wait a little longer before seeking adminship here. And I fully understand the itch to look for the admin tools that you're used to in English Wiki. :) In my opinion, you'll be one of the greatest assets in terms of admin tool usage. But, adminship has been associated with some discretionary tasks too. For that, it's important that you stay a little longer here doing "mop" jobs and gain the confidence of fellow editors. I think people would expect you to converse in Tamil where possible. If I were to give an opinion, I'd give you exemptions on some of these requirements and would give you access to sysop tools. By the way, thanks a ton for Ganeshbot. :) -- Sundar \பேச்சு 06:29, 25 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Ganesh, glad to know that u will devote more time in local language wikis. people like u and sundar bring the culture and expertise from en wiki. Your not being able to converse in tamil is not a big problem. its more about the trust, reputation u gain in the community and how far u could contribute to admin tasks. i can say that u r already doing lot of things in that direction. after some time, some of us would be glad to nominate u for adminship. but if u visit frequently and read the tamil articles and discussionss, i am sure u can pick up ur tamil writing skills--ரவி 14:22, 25 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Ravi, I should "never say never". Like you mention, frequenting here will help my tamil writing skills. I did not have any formal tamil learning. I managed to read the words. Hope to write some day too. Thanks, Ganeshk 04:54, 26 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Ganesh, I am glad about your interest in working with us in TW more effectively. As you have experience in English wiki as an administrator, it is only beneficial for us to have you here in the same capacity. I am convinced, that you could involve meaningfully, even without the knowledge of Tamil. I also believe, there is enough room for a person like you to contribute towards the development of Tamil Wikipedia. However, I share the openion expresed by Sundar and Ravi in asking you to wait a little before one of us propose you for adminship. Mayooranathan 16:25, 25 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Mayooranathan, Thanks so much for your comments. -- Ganeshk 04:54, 26 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Bot only upto "P" தொகு

Hi Ganesh. Have you stopped the bot with towns whose name start with "P"? If so, can you please run it on the remaining names. I'm waiting for சோழவந்தான் to be created. :) -- Sundar \பேச்சு 10:27, 30 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Tamil Nadu towns தொகு

My understanding is that Tamil Nadu villages and towns are given priority. Is there a separate list consisting of TN villages and towns and cities? Thanks. --Natkeeran 18:38, 30 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

I created TN districts and TN towns per your request. -- Ganeshk 22:41, 30 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Thank you. --Natkeeran 01:00, 31 அக்டோபர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

see தொகு

see பேச்சு:அடூர்--Ravidreams 23:03, 17 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

taWpedia Assessment System: Quality and Importance Markers தொகு

Is it possible to provide some details as how we might be able to go about implementing Assessment System at taWpedia? Thanks. --Natkeeran 21:01, 18 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Thank you for the feedback. My preference would be create a unique Assessment System process than to just duplicate the enWpedia system. However, I will not be surprised if we end up doing just that. Of course easy implementation and maintenance are always two important factors. I will study and work on your suggestions and will get back to you soon. --Natkeeran 21:54, 18 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

we had been talking a lot throughout this year about quality watch. but i think it is still too early to conduct a quality assessment mainly because of the lack of enough quality contributors. Rather than spending time to label articles as good or bad or best, we would rather spend that time in updrading the article content and quality. Simple tips to improve the quality - copyedit the article, no spelling mistakes, add interwiki links, pictures, category and appropriate external links. After we carry out this exercise, then we can think about the quality assessment system may be at the end of 2007 ! First we should try to improve the quality and then assess how far we have fared ! --Ravidreams 00:59, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Ravi, I think the assessment process can happen in parallel to the quality improvement. Like the Bangla link mentioned, right now there is no way to find out what are the top articles that need to be improved. There is no statistic to see how we are doing. I feel asessment and improvement go hand-in-hand. -- Ganeshk 01:53, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Citizendium தொகு

I notice you you been adding links to Citizendium. I hope you understand Citizendium is not a Wikipedia partner, and Larry Sanger who started Citizendim is a vocal-critic of Wikipedia and had left Wikipedia due to differences with Jimbo Wales. Links to Citizendium should be restricted articles such Larry Sanger, Criticism of Wikipedia. It should be no way linked to our policies and guidelines. Regards, Ganeshk 23:23, 18 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

I am aware of the background. I just thought it might be a helpful External link; however, there is room for mis interpretation. So, I have removed it, and added to a general page to monitor criticism of wikipedia. It would be helthy for us to monitor the criticisms and adjust where appropriate. Regards, --Natkeeran 23:29, 18 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Thank you for the link and the comments. Yes, I also believe that knowledge should be free and open. I also respect, trust, and value the role of ‘experts’. I usually do not like extreme forms of “credentialism”, and dislike people who become arrogant and unapproachable as they accumulate credentials.

I can not pass a judment on Citizendium right now, as they are going to licence under GNU GPL. It should be noted that the enWpedia and taWpedia do have different dynamics at play. For instance, we do not have much copy righted content in Tamil avilable on net. Also, the reach of the Internet is limited to upper and middle class people. (I am not saying that is healthy, I am just noting some observations.) Thus, the people who are able to contribute have taWpedia are filted for better of worse to enthusiastic students and volunteers. It is the present situation now, of course time will change the scene.

Trust but verify is usually my approach to Wpedia or any source of info. We operate under the Best Effort Quality Policy, and not under Guaranteed Quality Policy, and we should make the explicit to the users.

Also, scan through the following link I came across: bn:উইকিপেডিয়া:প্রশাসকদের আলোচনাসভা. It seems everyone has started to worry about quality now. So, it is time for taWpedia Assessment System as well.

Regards,--Natkeeran 00:41, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Natkeeran, that link on bangla wiki was good. also, it is ok to add a reference to citizendium in the news about wikipedia section. Only after seeing that i came to know about citizendium. Info about such things make us keep a watch on ourselves.--Ravidreams 00:59, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

note , request தொகு

ganesh, unless it is a controverisal page with some content, u need not nominate it for deletion. just a leave a note for deletion in the talk page. that will be enough.--Ravidreams 10:55, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

also could you give us a link to relevant help page for using AWB or help create such a guide? it will be useful for people like me, gopi, balaji who are active in organising this site. Thanks--Ravidreams 11:06, 19 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

stats தொகு

ganesh, various links to tamil wiki stats are also already available here--Ravidreams 15:08, 27 நவம்பர் 2006 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

ganesh, i want to make a lsit of pages in autowikibrowser which include wiktionary pages that do not have a particular pronunciation template and then include this template in middle of the page..not append or prepend..can i do that ? for example see http://ta.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=shoulder&action=edit . i have to make a list of pages which do not have the following words

===பலுக்கல்=== * {{audio|en-us-{{PAGENAME}}.ogg|பலுக்கல் (ஐ.அ)}}

and include that in these pages..how do i that? also i want to make a list of paged which do not have '''{{PAGENAME}}''' under the section name and add them. is it possible? can u help me..by the way, right now i don't think there is a need for translating the awb manual in tamil..when time comes, i will contribute !--Ravidreams 17:43, 2 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

That's a tricky one. AWB can replace words with other words. But it cannot insert in the middle of the article. Append and Prepend only work on talk-pages. You need to write a Python program. Regards, Ganeshk 18:31, 3 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)
There may be advanced ways to do it like using a setting XML file. I have not learnt those yet. Portugese wiki completed translating Ganeshbot articles using AWB alone without writing any program. You should post this question on WP:AWB and you will get better answer. Regards, Ganeshk 18:37, 3 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for your replies regarding this and the mediawiki thing. i went close to make a list from the data base dump and it asked to get a xml file and i stopped there. will explore more. btw, i could append a template in the featured articles. so they need not work in the talk pages alone. it is disappointing that u have to translate media wiki in each website. there should be a better way. or the mediawiki developers have to bring a centralised translation feature. its criminal waste of human resource to do it manually everytime ! now that sundar is staying less active, u r our sole tech consultant :) so do drop in regularly !--Ravidreams 20:44, 3 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

media wiki தொகு

ganesh, i see that the shortcuts above the edit box in en wiki are ta wiki are different. and also there are more media wiki features that seem update in en wiki. is there some way u can check whether the media wiki software in ta wiki is uptodate like en wiki? if not, can u help us update it? also, when we start new tamil wiki projects in wikimedia and outside it, the tamil translations of the media wiki doesnt seem to update itself and it's a hell a lot of work to do it manually in each site? is there some way to coordinate the tamil trnaslation of media wiki or robotically update mediawiki messages in other site according to ta wiki site?--Ravidreams 13:14, 3 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

I noticed the edit box shortcuts issue that you mentioned. New features added to the MediaWiki are published on mailing lists. Here is the page you need and here is the exact mailing-list you need to register to. It will let people running MediaWiki software know about bug-fixes and new revisions. I recommend your register for all the Wikitech and Wikibugs mailing lists. These bug-fixes and revisions will have information about how to implement the same in other-language wikis. I don't think there is straight-forward way to compare the differences in English and Tamil wikis. And I am not aware of any robotic way to updating all ta websites. They have to be done individually. Hope this helps. Regards, Ganeshk 18:27, 3 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

Options and Features தொகு

The enWpedia Edit has far more options and features right now. Do you have any idea when they will update those features for other Wikis. Or is it something that is upto individual Wikipedias. Thanks. Regards,--Natkeeran 02:48, 5 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

One of our valuable wikipedia contributor Nirojan requested to put a link "How to type in Tamil" in the front page. I personally believe that should be on the top of all pages in Tamil Wikipedia. I couldn't figure it out how to proceed. Could you please help me on this.Thanks in advance.--Umapathy 13:52, 16 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

Ganesh, i have done the change Umapathy asked--Ravidreams 16:22, 16 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

Thanks Ravi :) --Umapathy 16:35, 16 டிசம்பர் 2006 (UTC)

Are you back from your wiki break? தொகு

Or is this just an intermission. Anyway good to see you here. --Natkeeran 22:14, 21 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

Still not fully grasping this... தொகு

I am not sure whether I am making something strightforward more complex. We also need to collect stats (automatically) about the classes. You have not indicated anything about the stats. Also, exactly what do I have to translate. Thanks. --Natkeeran 01:35, 27 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

Yes, that much I understand. Here we are just categorizing. The phase II (:-)), thats the key. --Natkeeran 02:06, 27 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

Please create the TN places related articles using the robot. தொகு

Most names have been translated. Thanks. --Natkeeran 16:41, 27 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

மிக்க நன்றி கணேஷ் --கோபி 10:13, 30 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)
மிக்க நன்றி கணேஷ் --Natkeeran 22:48, 30 ஜனவரி 2007 (UTC)

admin access தொகு

hi ganesh, thanks for the bot articles..good to see the article count increase :) are u ready to accept the admin access..if yes, i will be glad to nominate for u getting admin access.--Ravidreams 11:26, 1 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

sundarbot தொகு

ganesh, thanks for ur reply about the admin access. do let me know when u r back. one more task for u :) - the User:SundarBot has stopped running since november as Sundar is in a long wiki vacation due to professional reasons. however, he is willing to share the bot access details with who ever is willing to run the bot. it was a very important bot for ta wiki. is it possible that u help us run that bot regualrly? as none of the current ta wiki users are familiar running bots??--Ravidreams 16:18, 1 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Thank you very much, Ganesh. A pleasant surprise when I logged after a long time. - Sundar \பேச்சு 15:23, 6 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

You are welcome! Can you make it to the wikicamp? -- Ganeshk 03:14, 7 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Wikicamp தொகு

Is it possible for you to do some Tamil Wikipedia promotion (ex: distribute pamphlets, if possible contact the media etc) at the Wikicamp? Its a great opportunity to promote Tamil Wikipedia in Tamil Nadu. Also, please if possible, try to find what are the barriers that are keeping people from Tamil Nadu contributing to Tamil Wiki. Thank you. --Natkeeran 03:31, 7 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Ganesh, I'll try my best to attend that. Even otherwise you should try to attend. Please take inputs from Natkeeran, Ravi, and other editors.

Reg SundarBot, it's currently inactive. It runs the standard interwikibot code. It reads the list of all articles in Tamil Wikipedia alphabetically, iterates through each of them, gets all outgoing interwiki links. Then it goes to each of the external wikis, adds links to the corresponding Tamil Wiki article. It does one more thing. For example, if you have a Tamil article A which links to an English article B. It first creates a link to B from A. Also, if B has link to a German article C. It automatically creates a link from A to C and C to A. This way our search rank and readership will increase and diversify. Hope my explanation will be of help. I may not check messages frequently here, so email me for anything important. -- Sundar \பேச்சு 04:57, 7 பெப்ரவரி 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

FARC தொகு

Tamil Language article is to be removed of its FA, even after the extensive review process, please vote against it. Also, improve the article if you can. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Featured_article_review/Tamil_language

--Natkeeran 19:27, 8 ஏப்ரல் 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Transliteration for Tamil தொகு

I have recently created a transliteration scheme for Tamil here with my limited knowledge of Tamil. This can be linked to monobook.js to enable direct Tamil text entry like the text entry of Devnagari in Nepal Bhasa. I think this method can be a lot more easier than asking each user to install the indic scripts and to learn the input pattern. Also, a modified form of the index given below can be placed in the front page to ease navigation.

௦-௯ அஂ
ஶ்ரேணீ க்ஷ த்ர ஜ்ஞ ஶ்ர அஃ

Yes, it was me. I just copied and pasted a note from my talk pages, and accidently the sign off also got copied. Sorry about that. --Natkeeran 11:42, 18 ஏப்ரல் 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

translitreation for tamil will become much easier with the usage of the following tool, http://quillpad.in/tamil

  you just need to type in english how yo uused to speak in tamil and you can see the script in tamil, it is one of the easy ways of getting translitreation done

ta wikipedia server தொகு

Hello Ganesk: Would you please let me know how I can access ta wikipedia server, create a file etc. My current stream of work is related to automation. So I thought I could do some work related to that in Wikipedia as well. Another highly skilled progrogrammer is also interested in this aspect. Please let me know if you can share some details and/or code. Thanks. --Natkeeran 21:11, 21 ஏப்ரல் 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

Hello Natkeeran, Sorry for the delayed response. I have not accessed Wikipedia servers that way (like FTP). The automation I had written can read articles (get method) and post new information into them (post method). If you need I can send the python source-code that I had used for creating town articles. Regards, Ganeshk 22:02, 29 ஏப்ரல் 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]
Yes, please email to natkeeran at gmail dot com. Thanks. --Natkeeran 22:34, 29 ஏப்ரல் 2007 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

About Your bot தொகு

I am quite curious about your bot. I would like to create 102 sub articles geographic locations based in Trincomalee in Tamil or English Wikipedia. Which is easier (Tamil to English or English to Tamil) then I would like to run the bot. How do I proceed? How do I create articles so that it will easier for the bot to do the translation? Please let me. If possible will you please let me know how to create a translationbot and how to run? Thanks in advance. --உமாபதி \பேச்சு 16:02, 12 ஜனவரி 2008 (UTC)

Either wiki is fine. If your data is in English, you will find it easier to match it against other websites to pull information. For example, Fallingrain.com for coordinates. For the TN town transations, I created a new program for Tamil that used two input text files, 1) original english data file from Census, 2) translation text file with two columns, english town name and tamil town name. The program would pick a name from census file, find the tamil name from second text file and start creating the article. I can send you the source code. Please use Wiki e-mail feature to send me a message so that I have your e-mail address to send the source code to. Regards, Ganeshk 16:25, 27 ஜனவரி 2008 (UTC)

Thanks a lot Ganesk, If fact the data yet not available in website. So there is a double work is required first to create an article articles in English then translate to Tamil. I have done some work with the help of kanks, AWB it worked for tabular data. I will send you a mail. Please have a look at 1--உமாபதி \பேச்சு 17:11, 27 ஜனவரி 2008 (UTC)

I just e-mailed you the Python source code. You can use the Text file option in AWB to create new articles. But the limitation with that is the article body text will be static. If you like to add for example, district, state parameters, you will have seperate the input files by district and state and then hard-code the values in the article body. For this reason, I have requested for a enhancement in AWB to accept CSV files. But it will take time for the programmers to create something like that. Regards, Ganeshk 18:01, 27 ஜனவரி 2008 (UTC)

Re Featured Picture தொகு

You are right. We should enforce it strictly. பயனர்:Trengarasu done the difficult job of classifying all the pictures. This picture is about 30 years old. Still, I am not sure how many years it takes for the copyright to go public. Thus, it should not have been displayed or even used in Tamil Wiki. I'll Change it. --Natkeeran 13:55, 15 அக்டோபர் 2008 (UTC)Reply[பதில் அளி]

repeat strings தொகு

பயனர்:Ganeshbot/Translation_needed பக்கத்தில் சில ஊர்ப் பெயர்கள் திரும்பத் திரும்ப வருவது சரியா? ஒரே பெயரில் அமைந்த இரு வேறு ஊர்களா? எடுத்துக்காட்டுக்கு almora--ரவி 08:56, 10 ஜூன் 2009 (UTC)

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